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Internet Service Providers :: Internet Services  :: Home

Directory of the top internet service providers. Comparison shopping and find the best internet provider to suit your needs. Find business dsl, residential dsl, dial up internet connection, high speed broadband, satellite DSL, cable internet access, direct TV DSL, and more.


Verizon Online DSL offers the super high speed internet access. You can click and connect in an instant. You can talk on the phone and surf at the same time. First month free if sign up online. Verizon Online is now offering MSN 8 features with its DSL Consumer product to include exclusive content and enhanced e-mail features at no extra charges.


Qwest DSL - A very recognizable and trusted name in the DSL high speed Internet service market. A dedicated connection that's up to 53 to 89 times faster than 56Kbps dial-up; great value with a choice of plans starting at about the same price as dial-up. Qwest Choice™ DSL with MSN® Premium is the Internet software that helps you be more efficient, by making everyday communication more convenient and helping protect you and your family while online.


Boingo Wireless - Unlimited WiFi - A leading provider of wireless broadband Internet service. Through its roaming system and software technology, Boingo powers the wireless offerings of major carriers and ISPs, enabling their customers to connect in thousands of hot spots and to carrier 3G wireless systems, all from a single, powerful, carrier-branded software interface.


NetZero PlatinumCheap internet access with great connections at NetZero has the lowest internet access rates with great connections, no banners, fast page loads, fewer pop-ups and easy-to-use email.


Inbox High Speed Dial Up - For only $9.99 a month, you will enjoy up to 5x faster web surfing, fast and reliable connections, and unlimited Internet access through thousands of nationwide numbers. Only Inbox offers 2GB webmail and online data storage with powerful spam and virus protection that includes email challenge/response.


Juno Platinum is the leader in the value priced ISP market, Juno offers fast, reliable service at less than half the price of major ISPs including AOL, Earthlink and MSN*. At $9.95 per month**.


Phreego Internet Service Provider - A leading provider of low cost high quality, hi-speed dialup Internet service and the cost is less than half the standard prices of AOL, MSN, Earthlink and one-third the price of NetZero and is available in more than 6,000 cities across the United States and in Canada. Phreego accounts include e-mail, webmail, instant messaging compatibility.


CallWave makes it possible to hear who's calling while you are online! CallWave includes CallerID, telemarketing blocking, and the ability to Take the Call. Best of all, it takes less than five minutes to set up. CallWave is available throughout the United States, and works with your existing dial-up ISP or AOL service.

GTC Internet is a simple and reliable Internet service. With nationwide access numbers, GTC Telecom makes it easy for you to get and stay online, with fewer busy signals and disconnects. The dial up service allows you to access the Web at speeds of up to 56 Kbps - the fastest dial-up connection available.


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